Friday, August 05, 2011

more wishes!

the worst thing about the recent debt ceiling extension was the fact that it set the country up for another hostage situation later this year. under the extension deal our new super congress will present yet another deficit reduction plan to regular congress before the end of 2011, telling members of regular congress that unless they pass whatever unpopular bad idea they have come up with, the automatic trigger will pull and their political opponents will run advertisements saying they hate the troops.

in other words, its a set-up. just like it was a set up to not include a rise in the debt ceiling when congress negotiated the two year extension of the bush tax cuts at the end of 2010. republican negotiators keep finding a way to resolve the crisis of the day in a way that sets us up the next crisis. they're like the guy who rubs the magic lamp, makes two wishes for stuff he wants and then uses his last wish to wish for three more wishes.