Thursday, August 25, 2011

nobody cares how many flags over delaware

to some extent i sympathize with what amanda marcotte is saying. at the same time i find it remarkable that she is feels threatened that someone might "take away her Texan card" and view her as not a real texan.

let me say here and now that my "pennsylvania card" is up for grabs. anyone who wants it can have it. same my "delaware card", since that is the state where i grew up. i just don't care whether other people recognize me as being authentically from either of those states, or any other state for that matter. i wonder if any pennsylvanian or delawarian would care either.

the texan stereotype is not just that texans are a bunch of ignorant yahoos. another major component is that they are nationalists, or whatever you call the state equivalent (statalists?). for all of marcotte's protests that the texan stereotype is wrong, her post itself is a display of the strong texan identity that seems to be completely absent when it comes to the other states in the union. that, more than anything, is what i find so bewildering about both rick perry and george bush's swagger. not to bust on marcotte here (that's not what i intend to do here) but her posts challenging the texan stereotype itself seems so stereotypically texan to me.