Monday, August 01, 2011


i'm wondering if the debt ceiling debacle will represent a major turning point in barak obama's reelection chances. it feels like one. a week ago i was fairly confident that, despite everything, obama would probably cruise to reelection. if nothing else because of the assortment of clowns the republicans have come up with to challenge him.

the clowns remain, but now i don't know. the people i talk to are probably far from a scientific sample, but even the ones who weren't pissed off at the president before are pretty disgusted now. it seems like there's a new wind blowing. after selling out his base again and again, i feel like his base has kind of had enough. or at least the very small non-representative members of his base that i communicate with.

of course, even if i'm right about the breadth of current dissatisfaction, sometimes these political winds have as short an attention span as noz jr. next week this may feel like ancient history and we'll all be obsessing over some other stupid story. unless, of course, your livelihood is threatened by the tranche of cuts that go into effect right away. i really wish people would stop saying "one trillion dollars" and start giving specifics of where the cuts are. who isn't going to be able to eat because the GOP got to preserve their precious private plane tax deduction? i don't understand why political reporters shy away from presenting this information in clear personal terms instead of hiding behind abstractions and numbers.