Wednesday, October 19, 2011

observer effect

once again, i didn't bother to watch the GOP presidential debate and just like i did after the september 22nd debate, from reading the coverage the next day i feel like i really missed out. i actually tuned in to the web stream of the october 11th debate (the one between the sept 22nd one and the one last night) and after 10 minutes i concluded it was too lame to watch and turned it off. so i went back to not watching them for last night's debate and the candidates go into full freak mode again. it's like they know when i'm not watching and only become not-boring then.

my favorite line that i didn't see in last night's debate (about obama's decision to send 100 soldiers to uganda): "He put us in Libya. Now he’s putting us in Africa!"

you'll never guess who said it.