Sunday, October 02, 2011

occupy wall street

though i haven't mentioned it here yet, i'm pretty curious where the occupy wall street movement is going. the fact that they have kept up their demonstrations for more than two weeks now, enduring an initial news blackout as well as some pretty serious police brutality, and yet still continue to grow and spread to other cities shows that the movement is tapping into some real discontent among a lot of people.

and it's fascinating to see how differently the OWS people are being covered from the tea party. plenty of people have criticized OWS for not having a clear agenda, but are other demonstrations held to that standard? i think i have a fairly good idea of what the OWS movement stands for, even if they haven't yet outlined a comprehensive legislative agenda. are they any less focused than the tea party, the million man march, or countless other demonstrations that the media has not hesitated to take seriously?