Thursday, October 06, 2011


during lunch i dropped by the occupy philly demonstration. as i mentioned before, it's just a block or so from my office. as i walked over the first thing i saw was a group of people stood with signs along 15th street. a surprising number of passing cars would honk in support. (click any of the photos to embiggen)

it was a pretty good crowd, people were gathered around doing the human microphone thing. it worked better than i imagined, both by engaging the crowd in what the speaker said (you had to pay attention to repeat) and by effectively amplifying the speaker's words.
but most of the time i spent wandering around looking at signs.

there was also (i think) a collection pile, where people could donate things for the protesters who will be camping out. (see also what susie wrote). it was a pretty random pile of crap, but i guess that's what democracy looks like.

ADDING: this is awesome. brendan on fox news!