Thursday, November 10, 2011

the cain defense

i generally agree with jon swaine that herman cain was the main beneficiary of rick perry's memory lapse-gaffe at last night's debate. but i disagree that he's lucky that people are not focusing on cain's princess comment. that's not actually true. plus saying "princess nancy" was not nearly the stupidest thing that cain did at least night's debate. i still think the dumbest line uttered in the debate, perhaps the dumbest line uttered in all of this year's GOP debates (and that's saying a lot) is when cain said that for ever woman who claims he has harassed him, there are thousands of other women who don't complain of harassment.

someone has got to try that defense at a murder trial. ("members of the jury, stop paying attention to the witnesses saying that my client killed the victim! consider the thousands of people he has met that he hasn't killed.")

ADDING: charles pierce picks up on the cain defense angle:
Back a few years, I covered the sanity hearings of Jeffrey Dahmer and, every day on the way to the courthouse, I walked past hundreds of Milwaukeeans who had remained uneaten. Never thought of that as an alibi for the accused, though.