Saturday, November 19, 2011

more on the taraz attack

there is a pretty detailed article about last weekend's attack in taraz here. the article is in russian, but running it through google translate produces a passable (if rough) translation.

what i find most interesting is the account from some witnesses that kariyev told them they should not be worried about him and that he made no attempt to harm them, even as he was firing at the police. that makes the whole incident seem more like an attack directed against the authorities, rather than what is normally considered to be a "terrorist attack" (i.e. an attack directed against civilians in an attempt to sow terror among the general populace). on the other hand, the article also says that earlier kariyev shot and fatally wounded a guy reading a book in the gun shop. maybe he changed his mind about what he was trying to do after he robbed the gun store?

(via JD on FB)