Monday, November 14, 2011

stuff twirling around in his head

sometimes it still amazes me what the republican party has come to. i've long disagreed with their political positions, but i used to think they at least put forth candidates who were able to discuss policy coherently. watch this video [or see the addendum below] and reflect that for the past 1.5 months that guy was the republican's front runner for president!

and the craziest thing of all is that cain is not an outlier. if anyone bothered to ask perry, bachmann, santorum or even romney a straightforward question like that i doubt if any of them could string together a coherent answer. it's like the GOP's big lesson from their last turn in the presidency was that W was too brainy. sarah palin was a joke. but that joke turned out to be the future.

newt, at least, would be able to answer the question. although his answer would totally contradict one of the two positions he has already taken on the issue.

 ADDENDUM: i found an embeddable version of the video i linked to above: