Sunday, November 06, 2011

why i hate mr. sun

i'm not usually one who is particularly bothered by grammatical errors, but this video, a current favorite of noz jr., is really driving me crazy.

at 0:22 i'm pretty sure it says "this little children are asking you", and then it does it again at 1:05. maybe i'm reacting stronger to this one because noz jr's fluency in english is a concern of mine.

but what really bugs me about it is it makes no sense to me how the error happened. i mean, the singer doesn't have an accent (i.e. he seems to have an american accent), but i can't imagine how a native speaker could make that kind of error, much less twice. and this isn't something written down, where anyone could make a typo. to a native, it just would sound wrong to say it that way. so how did that even happen in a recording?