Thursday, December 29, 2011

catholic bishops hate gays more than they care about children

how exactly did the catholic church, which on paper at least is about a whole variety of issues, become little more than an anti-abortion/anti-gay organization in this country? i don't get it. the church has all kinds of stances about things like income inequality, social justice, the death penalty, labor rights, aid to the poor, etc. but these days if i see an article about the catholic church in the u.s., i know it will be either about opposition to abortion or fag-bashing (or pedophilia).

on the one hand, this is none of my business. i'm not catholic. catholic believers can emphasize whatever doctrine they want.

at the same time, as an outsider i am puzzled by american catholic leaders' choices. they are de-emphasizing all of the stuff that i actually respect about the church in favor of two issues that place them on the rightwing fringe of american politics. as the culture increasingly accepts gays, why would anyone respect an organization that is willing to screw over countless children, denying them an adoptive or foster family, just so that it won't have to treat a minority of those families that involve gay people equally? i realize that bishops may not think in these terms, but from a purely marketing standpoint it doesn't make any sense. it certainly makes me think that the church doesn't care that much about the well-being of children.