Tuesday, January 17, 2012

even more awesome awfulness

TPM highlights this exchange:
Blitzer: On this specific issue of Erdogan and the other turkish leaders, in your words they’re Islamic terrorists? Are you saying that?

Perry: I say if they are treating their citizens that way, that they approach that terminology. When you allow for honor killings, wolf — I mean, I hope you’re not defending honor killings as an appropriate act in any country, much less a country we send foreign aid to, and we do send foreign aid to that country … Let me ask you, are you sitting here and defending the act of honor killing?
in fact, the u.s. does not send foreign aid to turkey, or at least not what is normally considered to be foreign aid:
As for foreign aid, Turkey is a wealthy country that already gets virtually no foreign aid from the United States. The State Department this year made a request for about $5 million, which was earmarked for peace-keeping and security operations — not what one could consider traditional “foreign aid.”
...and the turkish ambassador to washington just pointed out the same thing.