Monday, February 20, 2012

against presidents' day

i think it's time for me to let the world know that i am personally opposed to presidents' day being a holiday. i realize that today is really just the hybrid holiday of what used to be the washington's birthday holiday grafted onto what used to be the lincoln's birthday holiday. i'm not trying to diss either of those former presidents. it's just that once you change it from honoring a particular president into honoring all presidents, then it's much harder for me to believe it's a worthwhile idea. once it becomes a generic presidential honoring, we're not talking about anyone's particular actions but rather celebrating an office.

what i'm trying to say here is: do the presidents need more honoring? they already got to be president! that's already a pretty nice honor. why do we need to give them a day on top of that? and what exactly are we supposed to do to celebrate the presidents (other than grumble about how all us non-government workers have to work and how the mail isn't showing up)? there just doesn't seem to be a point.