Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MMA under siege!

i've been semi-interested in the current conservative push against media matters for america. not because it raises any real issues, but because of how little there seems to be in their charges. take this, for example. holy shit! the organization raised more money in 2010 than it did in 2009!!! it pays its CEO a six-figure salary!!! it has a ten year lease!!! doesn't seem like much to me, but that hasn't stopped right blogistan from running with it.

then there's this piece that set off the current offensive. others have pointed out that tucker carlson got almost no one to speak on the record in the piece, rendering most of the allegations in the dubious category. but even if true, there doesn't seem to be much of substance there beyond a bunch of haphazard personal attacks against david brock. fox news, of course, has picked right up on it, including this one that i find to be particularly offensive (for obvious personal reasons).

are the wingers so deluded they think they got the goods on MMA? can they really not distinguish between unsubstantiated anonymous claims and a real issue? outside the howl-o-sphere, no one seems to be paying attention to this stuff today. as of now, at least, it hasn't even gotten a mention on the media matters home page. and while a tucker carlson's original hitpiece prompted some responses when it first came out, memeorandum shows that only rightwing blogs are bothering to comment on this stuff today. which means the right will either pump it up to 11, or will devolve into whining about how no one is paying attention to their empty charges, or both. probably both.