Friday, March 30, 2012

stupid primary, be more funny!

the clown car race that was the republican presidential primary race, that had been so much fun to watch, has gotten really boring lately. the overwhelming consensus that romney will win has gotten even more overwhelming. i've gotten bored with the fact that so many GOP primary voters still can't commit to the mittster. that was interesting to watch for a while, but as the race drags on it has gotten old and stale. we've also lost all of the more entertaining candidates, the ones who were so hopelessly stupid, ignorant or crazy and yet had such a dedicated following. (e.g. herman cain, rick perry, michele bachmann). newt was fun for a while, but his angry id of the republican base schtick has gotten old, even republicans are getting tired of it.

so where does that leave us? we've still got a couple of hanger-on challengers. i'm bored with them all, but they don't seem to want to quit--at least not until they get bloodied a couple more times. and so we're in for a long boring slog, at least until mittens picks someone funny for his running mate.