Friday, March 09, 2012

watching kony before kony watching was cool

so joseph kony (or as he's know known, #KONY) is suddenly getting all this attention. frankly the fact that the popular video doesn't get into all the details doesn't bother me. it's a good thing to draw more attention to the lord's resistance army. people who see the KONY 2012 and want to find out more will be able to get the real facts. there is a lot of information out there about kony and the LRA that's easy to find by anyone who is looking.

as my longtime readers know (yes, both of you), i've been fascinated by the LRA and their weird brand of christian fundamentalism for years. okay, actually my main fascination is how the LRA's christian fundamentalism is always downplayed or not mentioned at all whenever the group comes up in the news. that seems to be continuing even as the group is gaining greater notoriety now.

i understand that people who identify themselves as christian don't want to be associated with that kony maniac. just because kony and his movement call themselves "christian" and claim to be following the literal precepts of the bible, it isn't fair to assume that others who call themselves "christian" endorse anything that the LRA does. but it is really hard to imagine a child abusing war-crimes committing group that called itself "muslim" without having the group's religious identification be a central part of the news coverage.

oddly enough, the only major media figure who seems to get it is rush limbaugh. although that leads him to an unorthodox position on the group.