Thursday, May 24, 2012

if only the post had transcribed "my school" better, there would have been something else for wingnuts to freak out over

PS 368, a public elementary school in new york city, is making arabic a required class. PS 368 is a "choice school" which means that the parents choose the school. the students are not sent there based on geography. so if parents object to the curriculum, they can send their kids elsewhere.

it all sounds pretty reasonable to me. giving kids a foreign language at a young age is a good thing. plus arabic is a critical needs language, which means the u.s. government faces a chronic shortage of qualified translators.

for the bloggers on the right, this gives an excuse for another freak out. actually, my favorite is comment #27:
Besides, Rosetta Stone is a place to learn another language. Schools aren’t the place...

English, Spanish, French, what next Italian, Portuguese, seriously this is getting way out of hand.

(via memeorandum)