Tuesday, May 08, 2012

the other question of the night...

do north carolinians hate gays more than republican indianans hate dick lugar?

currently, it looks like lugar is in the lead (in that he is more hated, which is more like being not in the lead) with:

gays in NC: 59.1% hated (46% of precincts reporting)
lugar in IN (GOPers only): 60.6% hated (85% of precincts reporting)

but it's pretty close and the night is still young! NC has a hate deficit of only 1.5% and less than half of the votes have been counted. there could be a rich vein of hate that remains untapped.

LATER (5/8/2012): the winner is... north carolinians hate gays at 61.3%, edging out indianan GOPers hatred of dick lugar by less than a percentage point!!! (final tally for (i.e. against) lugar: 60.6%) wow, what a nail biter that was.