Tuesday, June 05, 2012

that ship has sailed

as i read the coverage of the recall vote in wisconsin, i see this strange phenomenon of people who think that once they get past this recall vote, the tumultuous politics that wisconsin has experienced over the past year will stop. for example:
“Regardless of who wins, I hope this all stops,” said Wendy Dobrzynski, who cast her ballot days ago for Mr. Walker at a center for early voting in downtown Milwaukee. She said her own family was divided over Mr. Walker’s decision last year to strip collective bargaining rights from most public workers. “This fight needs to finally be done, over.
for whatever reason, that sentiment seems to come up in quotes from walker supporters. but it strikes me as completely wrong. if walker survives recall, there is no reason to think his opponents will just stop fighting. on the contrary, walker himself and the policies he chooses to push seem to be deliberately provocative. i'm not sure whether wisconsin under barrett would be any less divided. it may be that walker's election forever ended those alleged good old days of moderation and cross-party cooperation no matter what happens next. or maybe not. but it seems crystal clear to me that as long as walker is around doing his walker things, wisconsin politics will be contentious.