Monday, June 04, 2012

the conspiracy theory coming down the pike

though it is far from certain, i predict that scott walker will survive the recall challenge tomorrow.* it also looks like, no matter what happens in tomorrow's recall election, walker is likely to be indicted before the end of the year. which means that if he survives the recall and then is indicted, it will become rightwing dogma that the obama administration "went after" walker because it could not get him recalled.

i just wanted to get that out there so i can say "i told you so" if i'm right. (and i'll let this post get buried in the archives if i'm wrong)

* this is a perfect example of why i like being a z-list blogger. tom barrett may be behind in the polls, but it's going to be close and he could still pull it off if enough barrett supporters turn out. but because he's behind in the polls, that generates press about how walker is likely to win. that news in itself is likely to reduce turnout of the barrett-inclined. luckily, the posts on a blog that very few people read does not count as "news." so no harm done from this site.