Tuesday, July 24, 2012

drinking liberally

my most repeated blog post title returns!

also, tonight will be my return to philadelphia drinking liberally. for one night only! well, until i get around to going to another one, probably several months from now. but that's still exciting, right? come one, come all. (actually, just come one. come all would be too crowded):
Jose Pistola's
263 S. 15th St. (upstairs bar)
philadelphia, pa
6pm +
but wait, there's more!

tonight is simon's big book signing! i'm crapping you negative. if you act now, you not only get the usual drinking liberally festivities, and the presence of that annoying noz guy, you also get simon and ashley! signing books! (okay only simon will be signing books. although ashley might sign one too if you ask nice). that's right, simon and ashley, our long lost drinking liberallyistanis who fled the city of brotherly drivebys for the oregonian land of ports oh so many moons ago1, will be returning to take your money in exchange for a non-electronic publication that somebody2 will scribble on. how could anyone pass up on an offer like this?

see you there.

1- i believe it was 12 moons. but who's counting?
2- that would be simon, also ashley if you ask nice.