Thursday, July 26, 2012


after reading today's stories about romney's first 24 hours in the uk, i think "epic failure" may be an understatement. it's hard to imagine the beginning of a trip like this going worse. in a single day, mittens has managed to insult his british hosts about their handling of the london olympics, get rebuked by the british prime minister, refer to 10 downing street with a word that is used in the UK to mean "ass", publicly reveal that he met with the head of the MI6 (such meetings are supposed to be secret), forget the name of the labour party leader while appearing in public with him, and be taunted by the mayor of london in front of an audience of thousands.

plus, to add insult to injury, the trip has gotten reporters to read the insulting stuff romney wrote about britain in his 2010 book. and let's not even get into anglo-saxon thing that erupted before the trip even got going.

way to boost those foreign policy credentials!