Thursday, July 19, 2012

why do leaders like to rush to judgment?

why do leaders feel the need to point fingers immediately after attacks like this? maybe netanyahu thinks it sounds stronger to rail against iran (just yesterday his coalition was crumbling). but i wonder why something like this wouldn't also be perceived as strong: "we are fully investigating the attacks and will make sure that whoever is responsible will pay the price for it." a response like that would also have the benefit of not implicitly putting pressure on investigators to reach a politically motivated conclusion.

it's in israel's interest to find the actual culprit. pointing the finger at iran may suit bibi's current anti-iran campaign to peg the attack on the islamic republic. but if iran didn't do it and gets blamed for it anyway, that would just tell the real perpetrators that they can attack israeli citizens again with little risk of any consequences.

ADDING: if it was this guy, i doubt it was an iranian operation.