Sunday, July 15, 2012

will romney release more tax returns or not?

ever since romney first displayed a reluctance to release multiple years of his tax returns, i've been assuming that he would eventually release at least a half dozen years. mitt's dad created the precedent when he released 12 years of returns in 1967 when he was running for president. since then, every major presidential candidate has publicized multi-year tax returns. i figured that mitt would, eventually, buckle under and follow the crowd. why risk his shot at the presidency on something like this?

but now that romney has doubled down on his insistence that no further returns will be released, i'm starting to wonder if my assumption is correct. if i had to guess, i still would go with another release. but i'm curious what my readers think (yes, both of them). will romney eventually release more tax returns (that is, more than the 2010 and 2011 returns), or not? and if he will release more, how much longer do you think he will hold out before he does? give me your best guess.