Monday, August 06, 2012

HMS romney

a friend on facebook shared this photo:

it turns out, that is correct:
While serving off North America, Romney achieved a degree of notoriety after being sent to Boston Harbour to support the commissioners, who had asked Hood for help in enforcing the Townshend Acts. Romney arrived on 17 May 1768, but being short of men, Captain Corner began to impress seamen from the harbour. This was unpopular with the locals, who took to attacking the impress gangs. Events escalated when the commissioners in the town ordered the seizure of the merchant vessel Liberty, which belonged to John Hancock. When sailors and marines from Romney attempted to seize the vessel, mobs attacked them and then turned on the commissioners. Many of the officials took refuge aboard the Romney, before transferring to Castle William. These incidents heightened tensions that would eventually lead to the Boston Massacre in 1770.
it's a little misleading because the "teabagger" reference might lead someone to believe that the HMS romney was involved in the boston tea party. but that didn't happen until 1773. but it's still a funny historical curiosity, even if it really should have nothing to do with whether anyone supports mitt romney in 2012. there are plenty of reasons not to do that without resorting to the name of a 250 year old boat.