Tuesday, September 25, 2012

alleged gaffes are stupid no matter which side they're on

how 'bout that! i actually agree with allahpundit about something! what romney said sounds stupid, but really, does anyone actually think that mittens doesn't know that airplanes have pressurized cabins and that there's good reason that the windows don't go down?

so for chuckles i dipped into the hot air archives to see if mr. pundit went to the same lengths to figure out what a certain democratic candidate really meant when he said something that the right used as an example of his stupidity.


where's the explanation that obama has a degree from harvard, has traveled extensively in the country so obviously he doesn't really think there are 57 states? or the fact that there are 57 primaries or caucuses in the democratic nomination process1 and he was pretty clearly referring to those 57 contests when he used the words "states"? i dunno, i guess allahpundit's attempts to be fair only go in one direction.

(via memeorandum)

1- each of the fifty states, with texas counted twice because it has a separate primary and caucus, plus D.C., puerto rico, guam, virgin islands, american samoa, and democrats abroad