Wednesday, October 10, 2012

even his supporters probably don't believe him

it's true, part of what allowed romney to "win" last week's debate is that he seemed so reasonable on so many issues, something he did by changing his positions on several issues. not too long ago signs that romney was stepping away from right wing orthodoxy would have caused a shit-fit on the right. but it looks like they're giving him a pass now. i'm guessing two things are driving that: (1) they are caught up in the excitement of having their guy win the debate and don't want to distance themselves from the winner, and (2) watching the polls predict a decisive obama win for the past few weeks has scared them into putting their distaste of romney aside for the greater cause of defeating obama.

also they're probably hoping that romney is just making these new moderate statements on abortion, taxes, health care, government regulations, and immigration because that's what he needs to do to get elected. which raises the question: how many people actually believe what romney says?