Tuesday, March 19, 2013

annoying housekeeping post

so my comment system was "upgraded" against my will to new disqus. i had tried out new disqus, didn't like it, and so opted to stay with the old system. but this week they eliminated old disqus and so here i am with the new.

the reason this matters is new disqus defaults the order it displays comments to show the comment its algorithm decides is the "best" on top, rather than in chronological order. if you go to a thread with more than one comment and want to see them in the order they were posted with the oldest comment on top and the newest on the bottom (i.e. how my comments have always been before this week), you need to click on the "discussion" option above all the comments and then select "oldest." you each have to do it yourself. your adjustment to the "discussion" setting will only change how the thread is displayed to you. not anyone else. and you will need to do it again every time you come back to the comment thread, because disqus will keep defaulting back to "best" whenever you leave.

it's incredibly annoying. i tried to figure out how to make the "oldest" the default setting, but the disqus administrator's page did not give that option. so i wrote to disqus via the help page, and got a message back today that basically said i can't change the default from "best" and that's good because my commentators each get to "choose which sort order works best for them".

i still think it's confusing and that most people won't think to click on the "discussion" option on the comment page to change the default. but i'm letting you know just so that you can adjust the settings if it annoys you as much as it annoys me.