Monday, April 08, 2013

ding dong

thatcher's dead. the most interesting thing about her is what david weigel points out: the huge difference in how she is remembered on the two sides of the atlantic.

over here in the yoosay, she's a tough glass-ceiling breaking leader who did something vaguely positive for britain, like, um... well, we're a little fuzzy on the details. it was probably something to do with their economic system, which is hopelessly confusing. (how many half-farthings are there in a quid sterling?) or maybe it has something to do with that time she totally kicked argentinian ass!!! or who cares. anyway, i doubt if many people can get that specific, but we're pretty sure whatever she did was good for england, or britain, or the yookay, or whatever the hell we are supposed to call it.

meanwhile, my friends in that yookay all seem to think that maggie was the devil incarnate.

the contrast between her reputation in the country she actually led and the one she has over here in the u.s. is really remarkable. the only other modern figure who is like that is mikhail gorbachev.

ADDING: okay it looks like others (beyond weigel) noticed what i did. so far, i'm the only one with a gorbachev comparison tho. that's the value-added you get from rubber hose!