Monday, April 15, 2013

why do we always screw over our translators?

i don't understand why the u.s. keeps fucking over people who work as translators for our military. i really would think that this is one area where people with different politics would all basically agree.  mean, i'm a pretty anti-war guy. but i still think that if someone risks everything to help u.s. forces in a foreign country, we should make sure that person and his or her family can get out when the u.s. forces leave. i would think that pro-war types would also appreciate what local translators have done for this country. so why does this problem keep coming up?

an old blogfriend kirk johnson is quoted in the NYT article. the list project's web site is still very much iraq focused. i wonder if it will get more heavily involved in afghanistan as the u.s. pulls out of there.