Wednesday, May 01, 2013

the kazakhstan connection

two of the three additional suspects arrested this morning in the boston bombing case are from kazakhstan. it wouldn't surprise me at all if dzhokhar tsarnaev hung around with other people from the former soviet union. the kazakhs i have met in the u.s. tend to be plugged into a larger community of russian speaking people from across the former USSR. despite their ethnic and religious diversity, people from the ex-soviet space tend to view each other as being from a common culture when they are in a far away place like this country.

if this minor detail of a story makes it to the big time i can't wait to watch the usual bobblehead "terrorism experts" discuss a country i spent most of a year in.

UPDATE: it looks like they were tsarnaev's roomates and are being charged with obstruction of justice for taking stuff out of his room rather than some charge that would tie them directly to the bombing.