Tuesday, May 14, 2013

true story

sometime in or around 1994, while i was a law student, i visited some friends in southern california. one day we all went to disneyland. fairly early in the day, we saw a kid being pushed by in a wheelchair by his father. this was only a few years after my sign language phase and i had not yet forgotten all my signs. after i saw the kid signing to his dad, i signed "hi" and the next thing you know we had made a new friend and we all wandered around the park together for most of the day.

which turned out to be an added bonus. before that day i was not aware people in wheelchairs (as well as everyone with them) get to bypass the lines for rides and go right to the front through a special handicapped entrance.

it was great! in some box somewhere i have one of those overpriced photos of me and the kid screaming our heads off as we went down a water flume.

so when i read this today i thought: "damn, maybe we should have paid him."