Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mount Royal

I've been to Montreal several times before. But before this trip, I really had not spent much time in any other parts of Quebec, other than a few childhood trips to a ski resort in the Laurentian Mountains where everyone spoke English. In prior visits to Montreal, I have always been struck by how French the city is. Now that I've come back after spending time in other places in the Provence. I'm struck by how Anglo it is.

A day or two into a visit to any non-English speaking place, hearing English being spoken becomes something really noticeable. I can be in a crowded cafe with everyone talking. But if someone within earshot is talking in English it jumps out at me. And then when I come back home there's that brief transition period, where every conversation I hear jumps out at me. It doesn't take long before I acclimate and my brain stops reacting at the background sounds of my native tongue.

The weird thing is that's already happening now in Montreal. I took a walk earlier today shortly after we arrived and kept noticing all the English speakers around me. Now I'm in a cafe a few hours later and I realize that I have started ignoring the background English. It probably has a lot to do with the neighborhood we are staying in, but it's funny to feel the adjustment start with three days left before we go home.