Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Losing the plot

The entire IRS scandal is the allegation that the agency subjected conservative groups to greater scrutiny because of their politics. It's not the greater scrutiny that made it wrong (the IRS is allowed to investigate whether tax laws are broken), it's the fact that the agency might have treated people differently because of their politics.

So the fact that the IRS also went after groups with liberal words in their name doesn't mean the scandal has any greater scope, it means there is no scandal. If the IRS went after groups all along the political spectrum that's fine. In fact, that's the IRS's job. Those kind of searches may have been "inappropriate" under the agency's internal rules, but it completely diffuses the original scandal. I mean, I originally thought this one was real. But because the political-driven targeting allegation is not holding up, I don't think it is anymore.

Not that any of that will deter continued scandal wankery over this one. If Benghazi is any guide, there doesn't have to be a there there for scandal mania.