Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Bruni vs. Weiner

I just don't get why Frank Bruni, or anyone else, gets all indignant about Anthony Weiner. Other than the fact that his name makes some pretty obvious jokes, I never cared at all about his sex scandal. I would not have cared if he did not resigned from Congress and it doesn't bother me at all that he now wants to be mayor of NYC. And furthermore, I don't get why anyone, except maybe religious fundamentalists who are deep in a culture that condemns perceived sexual deviance, would care that much about this stuff.

And then there's Bruni's weird rule that politicians who have a sex scandal in their past may only seek lower office when they make their comeback. So it's okay for Eliot Spitzer to run for Comptroller, but not okay for Weiner to run for Mayor, Where does this rule come from? If it's just something that Bruni came up with himself, then why should the rest of us want to follow his arbitrary personal rule? And since when is Mayor, even mayor of the biggest metro area in the country, a higher office than U.S. Congressman? If I adopted Bruni's rule, I still would think that Weiner for Mayor is kosher.