Tuesday, July 16, 2013

just nuke them already

In 2008, one of the major reasons that I voted for Barack Obama over John McCain is I wanted Obama to appoint the people who serve on the NLRB. It obviously was far from the only reason that I voted for Obama, but it was a big deal because I see the impact of NLRB appointments just about every day. I also realize that wasn't a big issue for most voters. But it was in the mix somewhere, and Obama won by a definitive margin. Then he did again in 2012.

So why the fuck would the democrats agree to let John McCain decide who gets nominated to serve on the NLRB? I know why, because they're democrats. They like to cave into the GOP. But it really galls me that McCain of all people, the guy who the American people clearly stated should not have the power of the executive, would have a role in selecting these presidential appointments.

Luckily, last night's negotiations seemed to have failed. I'm hoping the nukes are flying before the morning is out.

UPDATE: dammit.
UPDATE THE SECOND: more details. Of course the one thing the dems did throw to the repubs were the nominations that I happened to care the most about. Then again, I'm not super-attached to Griffin and Block if they are replaced by equivalent nominees and right away. But it really has to be "right away," like Obama should nominate someone else today. Delay while all NLRB actions are arguably illegal is causing all kinds of havok. This needs to get fixed yesterday. I doubt if things will actually move that fast, so nuking is still better than this.
UPDATE THE THIRD: the two replacement NLRB nominees have to be voted on by August 27th, which isn't horrible, but it still means another six weeks of NLRB action that will have a giant question mark hanging over it until the Supreme Court fucks it all up next year.