Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome, but still half-assed

Steve Benen is wrong on this one, or at least he is to the extent he is implying that filibusters of judicial nominees is not highly destructive. While I will welcome it if Reid suddenly discovers that he has a backbone and uses the nuclear option to eliminate the filibusters of confirmation votes for executive-branch nominees, it doesn't make sense to preserve the filibuster for judicial nominees.

Executive branch nominees just serve for a relatively short duration. Judicial nominees have a lifetime appointment. The Republicans determination to filibusters so many judicial nominees means that the conservatives that W packed on the court will continue to dominate most federal courts. The damaged caused by the current abuse of the filibuster for judicial nominees will be felt for decades. In that sense, Judicial filibusters is just as much a pressing issue as the filibuster of executive branch appointments is.