Saturday, August 03, 2013


I realize everyone else disagrees, but I really hate summer. A perfect day for me is a blizzard, preferably one that keeps me home from work. I spend much of the winter complaining that the weather isn't cold or snowy enough, and the entire year dreading the heat of the summer, particularly August. August in Philly is really a hot humid hell-hole.

Except not this August. We're only three days in, but the weather has been surprisingly mild. The high today will be around the mid-70s, and the 10-day extended forecast doesn't have the temperature going up past the low-80s, which gets us almost halfway through what is usually the hottest most miserable month of the year.

I'm kinda floored by it. Three weeks ago, the temperatures were in the high-90s and low-100s, and I kept thinking "if this is July, August will suck" as per my tradition of summertime grousing. I don't know what to do with a not-miserable August.

Don't get me wrong. It's not snowing. I still occasionally am slightly too warm. This is not the weather I like. I spend the whole year dreading this part of the calendar. I feel almost let down but not being as miserable as I anticipated.

On the other hand, the month is still young! Those extended forecasts don't often hold up, and I don't even have an inaccurate extended forecast for late August yet. There's still time to be miserable.