Friday, August 16, 2013


People are aflutter because the CIA has acknowledged the existence of Area 51. Area 51 in in the popular consciousness because virtually every UFO conspiracy theory involves the U.S. government hiding aliens, alien space crafts, or alien bodies in that secret base. The CIA is not acknowledging that it squirreled away any of that stuff in Area 51. They have just stopped redacting references to "Area 51" from their public archives concerning the U-2 spy plane program.

Which means the whole "revelation" isn't all that revealing. I mean, we all know the CIA does something that occupies physical space. So obviously that means there are "areas" in the world where the CIA has facilities. All they are saying now that they didn't before is the name of one of those areas, one that was already widely known enough for us to put it on the map. The only real question the name raises is if "Area 51" means that there are at least fifty more areas out there somewhere.