Friday, August 23, 2013

Erik Erickson is Four and a-Half

I once mentioned to Noz Jr. that sometimes people who are boys go to a doctor and change into girls and vice-versa. Noz Jr. thought the idea was hilarious. He's still getting used to the idea that the people in the world are divided into male and female and as far as he thought everyone fell into one category or the other without any crossover. The notion of trans people transgressed the rule he had learned, which made the whole idea seem silly. So he laughed. He's almost four and a half years old.

I'm sure it won't always seem silly to him. Maybe he has forgotten our earlier conversation and whenever it comes up again it will seem silly again. Or maybe he will remember. Regardless, eventually he will get used to the idea, his world will get a little bigger and more complex, and it won't be funny anymore.

That's called growing up.