Friday, September 20, 2013

Can't... avert... my... eyes

As near as I can tell, the current House GOP train wreck is about making sure that Ted Cruz, Republican up-and-comer and possible-2016-presidential candidate, rather than House Republicans take the blame when their badly-thought-out strategy of threatening to ruin the U.S. economy unless the President defunds his own signature accomplishment inevitably fails. "Cruz should have banged his staff and thundered 'let my people go!'" they'll say when this bullshit finally all comes crashing down.

It's either that of the House GOPers are too stupid to realize that their strategy has no chance of succeeding. I guess I still can't rule that one out. But I still find it hard to believe they are that dumb and/or crazy. I mean, if you've lost Bill O'Reilly...