Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spam Spam Spam Spam

In the past month or so there has been a noticeable increase in comment spam here. It's not that big of a deal. But just about every morning, I wake up to one or two spam comments that I have to clear out. Not that long ago, I almost never got comment spam. That's why I never have turned on the CAPCHA feature. I find those things to be pretty annoying, and I didn't seem to need it because comment spam was so rare.

Until recently, that is. The other day I tried to look into it. I started tracing back the referring links for the IP addresses for my comment spammers. Yesterday, I found this (pdf). It's basically a manual for comment spammers. On page 21, it suggests leaving spam comments on this site. It also says this blog is "page rank 6", whatever the fuck that means. How the hell did I get on that list? Anyway, not that I would have been fooled by it anyway, but any comment I find that was inspired by that manual is an automatic flagged as spam deleted comment. The whole thing is so stupid. I mean, does any legitimate commenter here ever use a signature file? Having an unrelated link like that at the bottom is like having a sign saying "spammer."

I also found this. The forum is in Indonesian. Google translate makes it almost comprehensible. But again, the question is: how the fuck did I get on that list?

I invite any spammer to leave a comment to this post explaining why they are wasting their time leaving comments on a blog with so few readers, none of whom are stupid enough to click on their spam link. Leave out your "signature line" or link to whatever url you are trying to hawk. But if you're willing to take a break from spammitude and have a real conversation about this, you are welcome to comment. Otherwise just leave me the fuck alone.