Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teatards vs. the Suits

The current crackup in the house GOP is really a symptom of the larger civil war between the Tea Party people and the business people. The two used to be closely allied. In fact, much of the Tea Party "movement" was bankrolled by business front groups. Rhetorically at least, the Tea Partiers had a bit of an anti-corporate thread. Even as they  pushed for policies and tax schemes that favored the interests over large corporations, they still were supposedly for regular people and anti-bailout. Still the corporate base didn't care that much because they were calling the shots.

Until recently. Now it seems that Dr. Frankenstein can't control his monster anymore. After years of screaming that Obamacare is the destruction of America as we know it, they are pushing their representatives to do everything possible to try to stop it, even if pushes the U.S. into default and ruins the economy. But ruining the economy makes Corporate America sad (it should make everyone sad, even the Teatards, but they're not thinking straight enough to see it). So Corporate America is starting to yank on the leash.

I'm not sure if it will work. Just last year, I was convinced that that Suits were still really calling the shots and would pull their strings to make sure a default would not happen. But now I really don't know. I guess if I had to bet, I would still say the Suits will find a way to avoid default no matter how much the Teatards scream. But it has also become clear that Tea Party reps in the house are the real deal. They're not just empty suits adopting tea party rhetoric to get elected while bathing in corporate cash. Some of those Congress Critters themselves are true believers. Zealotry like that can't be counted on to cut a pragmatic deal.