Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To iOS 7 or Not to iOS 7

The Noz household has an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4S, and an iPad 2. Although they don't get all the new features, all can handle the new operating system. Should we upgrade or not?

I'm the decider for the iPad and iPhone 5, and I'm inclined to upgrade... eventually at least. The fact that the iPad 2 just barely makes the system requirements (the original iPad does not) makes me a little concerned that my iPad will get slow and annoying if I upgrade. So I might just do it on my phone until I read other iPad 2 user's experience. And I'll probably wait a week or so to do the iPhone, just to see if there are any major gripes. I'd be more adventuresome if I was sure that downgrading back to iOS 6 were possible. but I'm not sure that it is.

As for Mrs. Noz and her iPhone 4S, she's still running iOS 5 and will probably stick with it unless her favorite apps stop working.