Monday, October 07, 2013

Observation Effect

While I think that Josh Marshal is basically probably right (or was probably right, right up until the moment he hit publish), why the hell did he post that on the internet? Not that Marshall is super-influential, but he does have an significant audience and a pathway to the attention of important people in the media and government. If his thesis is right, that Boehner has started taking about causing a default because just days earlier there were widely publicized leaks that he was privately reassuring his powerful patrons that he wouldn't let a default happen, then what will Boehner do if this meta-strategy leaks out?

Years ago, when political blogging was still young and shiny, someone asked me why I didn't promote my own site on Eschaton when I guest posted there. "You could have used that opportunity to grow your audience!" I responded that I didn't really want an audience. I mean, I am grateful for the people who drop by here and comment. But I don't want actual influence.  Because that would take away an important thing that this blog does for me. I get to rant and rave into the abyss, saying what I really think without fear of any consequences. I can complain about politicians that I want to win without worrying that I might somehow hurt them ever so slightly at the polls. So I wouldn't want JMM's job. Maybe he can only do it by not worrying about that stuff like I would if I were him.