Saturday, December 14, 2013

Missile Epistemology

The weird thing about this report is that the only bases for the proposition that Iran sent a monkey into space are the claims of the Iranian news agency and the Iranian President's twitter feed.

"Riki Ellison, a U.S. missile defense expert, said the launch, if proven true, showed Iran had not halted work on its long range missile development program."

If proven true?!?!?! Can any country really launch a missile into space and not have it be noticed? Don't the have satellites and seismographs, or whatever the hell they use, to pick up that shit?

Every time North Korea launches a missile, the whole world goes apeshit. But not because NoKo says "we launched a missile" but because someone tracks a missile coming from North Korea. Is no one watching Iran? Iran ferchristssake. I thought every bloodthirsty member of the defense establishment was watching that place.

If there isn't another source for this launch other than what the Iranians said, I'm betting it didn't happen.