Monday, December 09, 2013

Reading sounds like a better idea to me too

Isn't the problem with teaching kids to code that the key computer language keeps changing? When I was in middle school, I spent countless computer class learning BASIC. That was the future! It was the gateway to those cutting edge programming languages like Pascal and COBOL.

Does anyone use any of them to code anymore? Every once in a while I hear that someone needs to find a COBOL programmer because there is some ancient code buried deep in their servers that is still in COBOL. But other than the generally idea of how computer code words, my 7th grade computer class taught me nothing that I can use as an adult.

I don't even know what dialect predominates among the code monkeys these days. Did they ever stop adding pluses to C? I have no idea. The bottom line is that I don't have to know that stuff to be a productive member of society. It doesn't matter to anyone except people who happen to be in the code racket.

You know, just like any other field. Wouldn't it be great if we taught elementary school kids about medical procedures? It sure would. But not everyone is going to be a doctor. And it would even be sillier if biological terms and categories changed as fast as programming languages did.