Thursday, December 05, 2013

Why Barack Obama Can't Lose

The WaPo's "the Fix" blog has a piece titled "Why Barack Obama Can't Win." But that's an easy question to answer: it's because of the Twenty-Second Amendment.

But it turns out that's not what the Fix was talking about. It was referring to Obama's bad poll numbers overall as well as on specific issues. But does that really matter? He's not running for reelection. The midterms are a year away. Congress didn't respect his mandate all that much even when he was popular.

If there was a different political dynamic in Washington right now, I would see the significance of the President's bad poll numbers. In the past, members of Congress would pay attention to the amount of support a president had and it might influence their decision making on particular issues. But the Republicans oppose-anything-the-President-does-under-all-circumstances strategy makes the question whether Obama has the public behind him a moot point.

(via Memeorandum)