Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sick leave

Not something that President's usually take unless they are really really sick (like hospitalized), certainly more than a regular "respiratory illness and fever." Don't get me wrong, respiratory illnesses with fever can be serious. But most of the time they are not that big of a deal. Noz Jr. had a "respiratory illness and fever" 2 weeks ago. All that happened with that is he missed three days of school.

Anyway, I wonder what is up and whether Yanukovych has an end game. I mean, you can only dodge the crisis by saying you're sick for so long. This crisis has been going since November. It is not going to fade if he just stays in bed for a few days.

This also made me wonder who is in charge of Ukraine right now. Under the Ukrainian Constitution, the Prime Minister is in charge if the President is incapacitated. But the Prime Minister resigned two days ago. It looks like this guy was the Deputy PM when Prime Minister Azarov resigned, so he became Acting Prime Minister, and now I suppose Acting President of Ukraine. How many people had even heard of Serhiy Arbuzov before this week?

(Happy now, Frank?)