Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Republican Plan is a Fraud

No surprises here. The point if the Republican health plan is not to pass the plan. The point is to have something to say when Democrats bash Republicans for having no replacement. So now they have something to point to when that happens. Because the political press is largely policy-phobic, there is little chance that anyone will talk about how the GOP plan would make things worse, including on some of the very same issues that Republicans criticize the ACA.

This is really just about the next election, not reforming the health care system. The leaders of the party know that the ACA will not be repealed, so there is no danger that their badly thought out replacement will ever be enacted either. The Obamacare issue is nothing more than a midterm electoral strategy. I don't sense any real interest in trying to improve the health insurance system. In fact, they want it to be as bad as possible through the rest of Obama's term.